The Rediscovery: New image, same compromise

With the knowledge of almost 130 years in producing innovative seamless steel tubular products, anticipating all kind of technological solutions and maintaining a continuous environmental commitment, Tubos Reunidos Group has stepped into the climate change and global warming war by embodying the true spirit of a responsible company towards the energy transition empowerment, its people and the globe.

Aiming not only to reduce its carbonization rates to net-zero impact by 2050 but also to be the first and worldwide leading company in accomplishing on a yearly basis the highest decarbonisation rates according all European standards.

Working hard towards achieving excellence in both, its custom made products and services, Tubos Reunidos Group, is glad to instil the importance of being a responsive organization not only in order to keep up to date with the customers’ needs but also with our planet’s demand.

This redesigned appearance is the fruit of an intensive internal work that brought all our engaged people together into rediscovering our strengths and virtues as an European organization has pointed out Francisco Irazusta, Chairman and CEO of Tubos Reunidos Group.

Tubos Reunidos Group is grateful for the active participation of it company´s members and all  the involved stakeholders in the process and looks forward full of inspiration to keep on developing the best company for its.

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