Extraordinary General Shareholder’s Meeting

Extraordinary General Shareholder’s Meeting

Tubos Reunidos, S.A will hold its Extraordinary General Shareholder’s Meeting on December 16th, 2021.

Extraordinary General Shareholder's Meeting Video

If you want to watch the Extraordinary General Shareholder's Meeting video click on the following link:

Proxy Appointment

In accordance with current regulation any shareholder who is entitled to attend the Shareholders’ General Meeting may give a proxy to any other person, including a non-shareholder.

In any case, representation must be granted in writing or by any approved system to carry out remote voting and specifically for each Meeting.

The power of representation described is understood to be without affecting what is established by law for cases of family representation of granting of general powers.

In those cases of public request for representation, on the document where the power is stated, instructions are requested for exercising the right to vote and indicating the way in which the representative will vote if precise instructions are not given.

If you want to grant a proxy to another shareholder by electronic mail correspondance click here

If you want to grant a proxy to another shareholder by postal correspondance click here 

Remote voting

Vote in the General Shareholders' Meetings can be issued by means of post, e-mail or any other means of remote communication, provided that the identity of the person who exercises the right to vote is suitably guaranteed.

If you want to vote by electronic mail correspondance by click here

If you want to vote by postal correspondance click here 

Attendance, Proxy Delegation and Voting through telematic means

In accordance with the provisions set forth in Article 8 of the Regulations of the General Shareholder’s Meeting, the Board of Directors has approved the possibility of exercising the rights of attendance, proxy delegation and vote by telematic means to facilitate communication, active participation and exercise of the shareholders' political rights in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you want to Attend, Grant a Proxy or Vote through telematic means click here.

Electronic Shareholders Forum

In accordance with the provisions of Article 539.2 of the Spanish Capital Companies Act, Tubos Reunidos, S.A. has enabled an Electronic Shareholder Forum in the Company’s website ( at the time of announcing the General Shareholders’ Meeting. Shareholders, both individual shareholders and voluntary associations that could be created in accordance with current regulations, will be able to access the Forum with the proper guarantees in order to facilitate communication previously to the celebration the General Shareholders' Meeting.


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