About us

People. Safety.
Quality. Service.

Discover RDT, Inc., a Texas based company subsidiary of Tubos Reunidos Group, a leading provider of upset casing and drill pipe solutions. Our world class, specialized production facility is dedicated to the development of innovative proprietary designs applied to our competitive tubular solutions for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production.

Capacity and talent
to achieve great expertise

Our People, committed to our core values, drive safely our daily operations, leveraging their expertise, and knowledge to tailor our supply completion and drilling tubular solutions to the specific needs of our clients.

We deliver top-tier products, customized to meet our clients requirements anywhere in the USA and across the globe.

Review machinery

Upset casing, heat treatment, inspection theading machines.

Certified facility
  • American Petroleum Institute SPEC - 5DP
  • American Petroleum Institute SPEC - 5CT
  • American Petroleum Institute SPEC - Q1

Yearly capacity

  • 100,000 Tons local capacity
  • 220,000 Tons group capacity
  • +375 Clients in 25 countries
  • +310,000 Tons of recycled steel used
  • 1,5 M$ Health and safety investment


Product longer
service life

  • Material Selection
  • Robust Chemistries
  • Heavier Body Wall
  • Extended Upsets
  • Superior Mechanical Properties
  • Traceability

Process low
cost producer

  • Vertically Integrated
  • Premium Metallurgy
  • Complete Schedule Control
  • Cost Control
  • TQM across all processing segments
  • Internal Pipe Coating - PCI located next door


Our products

High Value-Added Tubular Solutions for the Future of Energy


Upsetter process

Expert mastery of the manufacturing process to produce a wide variety of seamless pipes for the oil&gas industry, including threaded pipes, flared-end pipes, and pipes with complex and special profiles.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is a process used to modify the physical and mechanical properties of metals. In the case of oil&gas pipes, heat treatment is used to improve corrosion resistance, hardness and ductility.

Premium thread

Premium thread for the demands of the oil&gas industry. Machined with high-precision tools and techniques to obtain threads with excellent strength, precision, and durability.


Our people

Our operating principles, commitment to safety, and commitment to excellence guide us and create an environment that leverages our most incredible resource — Our People.

A rewarding career at rdt

Discover a workplace that values your contributions and empowers your growth

a smiling man looking straight ahead wearing glasses and a helmet, over a blurred background

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

RDT believes different perspectives makes us stronger. We are a company of People from different backgrounds and beliefs, and this is critical to drive our high performing organization.

We take care of our people

We offer comprehensive health to financial well-being benefits to guarantee that our employees and families are supported.

Empower your potential with professional training

We are committed to support our employee further their careers and achieve personal and professional goals.

Safe work environment towards excellence

RDT is a place where people feel valued, respected, and supported to reach their highest potential. Committed to being the employer of choice in our sector.

Join our talent team

Now more than ever, we need talented people who share our commitment to excellence, employee safety, and quality customer service.