Seamless tubes used in the mechanical, engineering and construction sectors as well as in piling and micropiling industry.

Special steel and tubes

· Structural Tubes for Offshore Wind Turbine Platforms.
· Offshore Tubes for Marine Platforms in Extreme Environment Conditions.
· Tube and Hollow Sections, and Precision Tubes for Hydraulic Cylinders and Pneumatic applications.
· Mechanical and Structural Tubes for Civil Works.
· Cranes, Excavators and Heavy Trucks.
· Agricultural and Mining Machinery.


Quality certifications

Our mills


TUBOS manufactures hot-rolled and cold-drawn seamless carbon and alloy steel tubes up to 13% Cr., for oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, power generation, heat transfer, automotive, mechanical and construction industries.


We are manufacturers of Hot Finished Seamless Steel Pipes and Tubes in a size range covering from 190 mm up to 711 mm (7 ½ -28“) Outside Diameter and Wall Thicknesses up to 125 mm (5”), depending on the required Outside Diameters.