Zero refractory waste in steelmaking.


This initiative consists of the study and development of the different families of refractories used for the development of raw materials, basic and alumina-based refractory masses, additives and slag formers from refractory residues.

For this purpose, we combined three possible solutions: the preparation of materials in our facilities for internal use, incorporation in circular economy initiatives and external valorisation.

The main advances and innovations are related to the use of dolomite bricks instead of additives; use of tundish refractory to replace raw materials and the development of refractory masses; use of fines from the selection of MgC bricks; development of alumina-based refractory masses and slag formers; and the study of isostatic waste valorisation, including waste containing zirconium.


Intocast, REDENA


In the resolution of 28 December 2021, the project received a subsidy through the "2021 Support for Circular Eco-Innovation" investment aid programme in second category, "Strategic Eco-Innovation".

In the resolution of 23 December 2022, the project received a new subsidiary under the SPRI's 2022 Hazitek programme. File No.: ZL-2022/00186C.

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