Projects I+D+I: ACHIEF



Funded by:

Basque Government (Hazitek), ERDF, Provincial Council of Álava (Álava Innova), SPIRE08 (H2020)

Project objective:

Approved by the European Commission (H2020 programme), the project aims to develop innovative materials for their application in energy intensive industries (EII), in order to reduce the impact on the generation of greenhouse gases, as well as improving the efficiency and useful life of the equipment used. Specifically, Tubos Reunidos Group is involved in improving the high temperature creep behaviour of the 12% Cr furnace grade, and the supply of alloy piping for the subsequent application of innovative coatings to improve erosion and corrosion resistance. 

Benefit or added value for TRG:

We will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve our equipment's resistance to erosion and corrosion.



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