Projects I+D+I: H-ACERO



Project objective:

The strategic objective of the [H-Acero] project is to contribute to the decarbonisation of the steel sector by using hydrogen as an alternative energy source at various points throughout the steel production process. With this in mind, this consortium proposes to develop advanced technologies and new materials that are compatible with steel industry production processes, with the aim of achieving sustainable, hydrogen (H2) based steel production.

In this regard, this project proposes four action areas, each with a different focus: the development of advanced equipment, consumables such as refractories, the fuel source itself (H2) and the production process. This aim of this is to acquire the technological knowledge necessary to use hydrogen (H2) in the steel industry.

Benefit or added value for TRG:

Using green hydrogen as an alternative energy source.



Funded by:

Basque Government (Hazitek), ERDF

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